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We Meet On No Man’s Land…

Raised on a feeling, our lives would have meaning eventually!


Nature, Photography

Misty eye of the mountain…

And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke 🏔

Nature, Photography

Open Road…

Another photo from Betws-y-coed, trying out some new editing styles, so any feedback would be gratefully received.

‘My life, doesn’t need to be explained, I chose to walk the line as one’ 🎶

Nature, Photography

Let the storm rage…

I’m trying to fix the hole in my head where the rain gets in 🎶

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The Shire…

I watched Lord of the Rings for the first time tonight and honestly I loved it so much more than I expected to.

The landscapes I’ve been able to capture with my photography in North Wales really reminds me of some of the cinematography in the film.

So glad my lovely best friend persuaded me to watch it!